united-states-polls-democrat-republican-primaries.gifAn electoral college is a set of electors, who are to elect a candidate to a particular office. Often these electors represent a different organization, with each organization or entity by a particular number of electors or with votes weighted in a particular way. Many times, though, the electors are simply important persons whose wisdom, it is hoped, would provide a better choice than a larger body. The system can ignore the wishes of a general membership whose thinking may not be considered. When applied on a national scale, such as the election of a country's leader, the popular vote can on occasion run counter to the electoral college's vote, and for this reason there are some who feel that the system is a distortion of true democracy in a democratic society. The United States Electoral College was created for the express purpose of insuring that George Washington would be elected the first president. Electoral colleges are an ancient institution.

Another type of Electoral College is used by the British Labour (Labor) Party to choose its leader. The college consists of three equally weighted sections: the votes of Labour (Labor) MPs and MEPs ; the votes of affiliated trade unions and socialist societies; and the votes of individual members of Constituency Labour (Labor) Parties . During Brazil's military rule period, the president was elected by an electoral college constituting senators, deputies, state deputies, and lawmakers in the cities. There are many other electoral college systems besides the United States, some of them are: India, France (for the Senate), Hong Kong, Madagascar, Nepal and Pakistan. These are only a few.

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